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Notice to Osgood Residents Concerning Garbage

The Town of Osgood has passed an ordinance (2008-6) for residents of Osgood to have all garbage put into an enclosed container (32 gallon). This ordinance became effective Aug. 1st, 2008. The Town of Osgood Police Department will be enforcing this ordinance in the coming days to residents who don’t comply. This is a reminder for our residents to help us make Osgood a cleaner and better place to live.

Ordinance 2008-6

This Ordinance establishes rules and policies for solid waste collection and disposal within the Town of Osgood. Following are the rules and regulations:

  • All solid waste and trash placed for collection and disposal by residents, businesses or property owners within the Town of Osgood, shall be contained in a fully enclosed and covered trash container, covered trash can, trash toter, dumpster or other enclosed and covered device to prevent trash from being dispersed throughout the area. Property owners are hereby required to provide said containment devices for their properties.
  • Owners of multi-family residential or business units shall be required to furnish suitable trash collection devices for the residents’ or business’ use.
  • Any person, who or business, which places uncontained trash or solid waste upon the streets, alleys or public ways of the Town of Osgood, or whose trash is blown or dispersed upon public or private property in the Town of Osgood shall be in violation of this ordinance and subject to a fine of One Hundred Dollars ($100) per occurrence.
  • The Town of Osgood, through its police, employees, agents or attorneys shall be authorized to enforce this ordinance through the legal court systems of Ripley County, Indiana, pursuant to procedures and policies established by Town Council for the Town of Osgood.

Motion was made to approve Ordinance 2008-6.

Thank You,
Osgood Town Council