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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Norman Kappes, Chris Kuhn, Holley Rose, Lynn Fledderman, Tony Wood, Steve Wilhoit, Mary McCarty, Carl Hauser, and Dale Gick.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call - all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 - ayes

Old Business:

Updates on Ordinance Violation suits:

4462 Hillcrest - owner has brought property into compliance and suit can be dismissed.

401 E. Fairground - owner requested a 20 day extension to try to clean. They requested a list of what is in violation, which was stated to be improper storage of boats, campers, autos, and trailers. Officer Wallace and Steve can meet with them.

230 S. Buckeye - owner has hired an attorney and they have spoken with Tad Brinson, Ripley County Area Planning, and now claim that he is in compliance with County Code. The owner stated he is trying to sell the trailer, but if it is being used for storage, it is still not in compliance. The next step is to ask for hearing or mediation. Lynn will contact his attorney and ask for mediation.

445 N. Maple - suit has been filed, but paperwork has not been served yet. Owner is probably avoiding certified mail. If it doesn’t get picked up, Lynn will have it served by the sheriff.

Lynn will draft a letter to be sent to George / Mary Bultman concerning the house that burnt on North Street.

Commonwealth Engineers - Dale Gick was present to update Council on projects: Water Project - a virtual site visit was performed with OCRA on October 8th that provided some feedback regarding places where additional points can possibly be scored. OCRA application is due December 17th.

2021 Community Crossings Project - there is 300 ft. of a storm sewer line that is left to be installed and it could be completed by Friday. Duke is coming Wednesday to hold a pole for work to continue. Curb and gutter is dug out on Ripley Street and should be ready to install on Wednesday. Ripley Street and Hunt Street will need to be resurfaced and sidewalks on Ripley. North Elm and North Cardinal still need asphalt completed. The substantial completion date had been moved to mid-November, but now the contractor believes the work can be accelerated to complete ahead of this date. Contractor will pay for RPR costs from the time the budget ran out through the end of construction.

2022 Community Crossing Project - the application was submitted on July 29, 2021 and that round will announce awards in late October or early November.

Downtown Project - Commonwealth will be meeting with Steve Wilhoit and Steve Gloyd to confirm understanding of the work anticipated.

SIRPC - Mary McCarty was present to discuss the OCRA scoring summary for the water project. The next funding cycle is December 17th. Commonwealth reevaluated some costs and we can contribute by adding more local match, which we could score additional points. They are estimating that the local match would need to increase by $175,479. This would allow for a $700,000 grant. Mary stated that we will need to hold a public hearing prior to the December 17th date. Clerk-Treasurer stated that ARPA funds could possibly be used to increase the match. Council will review this further and instructed Mary to set the public hearing for the November 16th meeting.

2021 Community Crossing Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $22,850.66 for construction and commissioning, RPR

Dave O’Mara - pay application #4 for $160,133.35 and retainage of $8,428.07

Motion to approve these claims once funds are released. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 ayes

Lions Club would like to be at the stoplight on November 6th from 8:00 -12:00 for Candidate for Cancer.

Motion to approve Lions Club request. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

The deadline for police applications has ended, completed applications are on file and Marshal Wallace will need to set up agility testing for the candidates and start background checks.

Street Department - Steve Wilhoit gave Council the summary of Bricktoberfest activities and stated it was a successful year. Next year, Bricktoberfest is being planned for September 17, 2022. He asked about running an ad in the paper for the renewal of the garbage contract. Council asked him to contact Rumpke to see if they can extend the current contract until December 2022. He stated that they are still having issues with heavy trash pickup. Rental properties are adding to our tonnage because when they move out they are setting the whole house out. Heavy trash items can only be one or two items on a Thursday because there is only one person on the truck and they have to be able to pick that stuff up. He is not sure if we should stay with the twice a week pickup or if we should go back to spring / fall heavy trash pickup. We have also received a proposal from Ratio for a Reuse Study on the Freeman Building. Steve asked Lynn to review the proposal. The Street Department will also begin leaf pickup on October 25th and will run through November 19th. After November 19th, leaves will need to be placed in bags for proper pickup. Brick or Treat is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th.

Gas Department - Steve Wilhoit stated that he is hearing on the news and radio that natural gas prices are going up 30%. Thanks to the company we are with, we’ve already hedged gas which will help keep our bills lower. Our gas should not go as high as what other companies are saying.

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated that the compliance is being met. He has a motor that needs to be looked at, it keeps shorting out at the EQ tank. The spare pump has a pump shaft busted, it’s 12 years old. Also need a valve at the sewer plant. Waiting on sludge samples to come back and farmers to clear fields to start hauling fertilizer.

Water Department - Tony Wood stated that they are continuing to work on lowering chemical usage and tightening the budget. IDEM did come and complete and inspection at the Water Plant on October 13th, deficiencies included a 32.8% water loss, a secondary containment needs to be installed for the fluoridation and coagulation chemical tanks, RP and double check valve tested and tagged on an annual basis, replace broken screen on the chlorine vent control line, update cross connection control policy, remove cable on handrail of water tank, process to show turbidity meters are being calibrated quarterly, label coagulant tank, and certified operators while plant is making water. He will have 30 days to respond to their letter.

Police Department - Will Wallace gave his monthly statistical report.

Motion was made to pay SIRPC our portion of the SEI READI Strategic Redevelopment Plan. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Carl Hauser was present from the American Legion. He stated that they are receiving complaints that the new sidewalk is no longer handicap accessible. Their visitors have to go to the road and up to the building. Steve Wilhoit stated that what was there before was not ADA compliant, in order for a ramp to meet the sidewalk it would have to be stretched out to their driveway entrance and it would impede on the driveway. That couldn’t have been met due to the slope that is required. All ADA aspects were looked at and that is why compliance was met at their existing ramp on the north side of the building. Steve also stated that they will get handrails for the two steps on the south side, O’Mara will fabricate these rails to match what is currently existing on the steps going up to the building. O’Mara will also look at striping for the parking on the west side to better suit handicap parking.

Claims were signed

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

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