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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Chris Kuhn, Holley Rose, Norman Kappes, Lynn Fledderman, Dale Gick, Tony Wood, Jeremy Schmitt, Will Wallace, Jodi Comer, and Matt Wirth.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Opened the public hearing for the Town’s intention to apply to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs for a grant from the State Community Development Block Grant Wastewater/Drinking Water Program. Jodi Comer was present from SIRPC and stated that this is our 3rd submission for a $700,000 grant to make water system improvements. The project would consist of a water main replacement on S. Buckeye (U.S. 421) and water plant improvements. The Town is receiving local matching grant funds from the Reynolds Foundation ($125,000), Rising Sun Regional Foundation ($40,000), Town of Osgood ($15,000 for Preliminary Engineering, $1,671 in kind labor, and $175,479 ARPA).

Resolution 2021-8 was presented approving the local match funding. Norman 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Hearing was closed.

Old Business:

Updates on Ordinance Violation suits:

401 E. Fairground – they had requested a punch list and the Town has been working with them.

230 S. Buckeye – owner’s attorney intends to file a motion for Summary Judgement.

445 N. Maple – complaint has not been answered, a draft motion and affidavit has been prepared for his default.

Commonwealth Engineers – Dale Gick, Jeremy Schmitt, and Matt Wirth were present to give Council Project Updates:

Water Improvements Project- a virtual site visit was performed and SIRPC is moving forward with the submittal of the application.

2021 Community Crossing Project – curbing has been completed, paving is complete with exception of the approach at the St. Florian, concrete should be done midweek, fence still needs installed, earthwork to finish grading and seeding still needs done, one more nyloplast structure will be placed on corner of Hunt and Ripley, project will need to be closed by end of year, contractor is paying for RPR costs starting 10/4/21, and pay application was submitted.

2021/2022 Community Crossing Project – Osgood has been preliminarily awarded $990,943.93 on round 2. This grant will complete milling and resurfacing, curbs, drainage improvements, ADA upgrades, parking improvements, sidewalks, driveway approaches, striping, and signage. The work will occur along Eckert (east and west of Buckeye), Shook, Wilson, Schuerman, and Morris Streets. Easement requirements will need to be determined. Commonwealth has submitted an engineering service agreement for consideration by Osgood for this project. Clerk-Treasurer stated there were some questions on the agreement and it will be tabled for now.

Downtown Project – Commonwealth met with the Reynolds Foundation and Town personnel to confirm their understanding of the work that is being requested for the downtown. A scope will be prepared for work along Buckeye Street south of the railroad tracks. Coordination with INDOT will need to occur to determine limits of the project and to coordinate withy any work planned by INDOT to be completed through this area.

Upcoming Street Improvement Projects – there was discussion on which street segments to pursue with either future CCMG applications or with local funding. Commonwealth will put together an exhibit to reflect these potential projects.

2021 Community Crossing Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $23,085.27 for construction and commissioning, RPR

Dave O’Mara – pay application #5 for $258,251.46 and retainage of $13,592.18

Motion to approve these claims once funds are released. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 - ayes

Polygraph examinations are this Friday for the Police candidates.

Ratio Design has submitted an agreement for the Freeman Building Reuse Study. After reviewing the agreement, Holley Rose and Lynn Fledderman had some concerns. Holley did not see where the elevator had been addressed for ADA compliance, but Lynn felt it would be covered in the study. Lynn was concerned with the use of the documents after it was completed. Ratio would own the study. She was concerned that the Town would be paying for something it doesn’t own. She was also concerned with the payment being due in 30 days with 1.5% interest per month, would rather it be 45 days. There was also a limitation of liability: their liability is capped and the Town would be responsible for the rest. Clerk-Treasurer asked the attorney to make the changes she felt necessary and we would present it to Ratio to see if they would accept. This item was tabled for now.

Rumpke’s current contract ends on June 30, 2022. Due to the rate structure, the Town has asked them to extend their contract to the end of December 2022. They have agreed to extend the current contract from July 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. The price per unit per month will increase to $12.50. Everything else will stay the same.

Motion to approve Rumpke’s Addendum to their contract. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Sewer Department – Tony Wood stated that the chemical feed clogged up, they had to run a line across the creek. They are still waiting to get on the fields with the fertilizer. Wet testing for Best Metal Finishing has been completed for the permit. Compliance schedule has been met. Taps have been completed on Hillcrest and they are waiting on permission from REMC to do their sewer tap.

Water Department – Tony Wood stated that the chemical feed is at the lowest he’s ever had it. The generator for the Town Hall will not come in until March and they will get the electric conduit installed before it arrives. They are currently working on covering shifts for the employees who are taking vacations.

Police Department – Will Wallace gave Council a monthly statistical report.

Council discussed allowing employees to carry over a certain amount of vacation days due to COVID and other projects. Lynn Fledderman asked them to table this for now and she will look into some ideas for December’s meeting.

Claims were signed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Norman 1st, Chris 2nd
3 – ayes.

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