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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 18, 2021
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Karen Dickerson, Norman Kappes, Lynn Fledderman, Jeremy Schmitt, Chris Kuhn, Holley Rose, Will Wallace, and Jerry Vollmer.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call - all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3- ayes

Old Business:

Email from Ripley County Area Plan Commission concerning a complaint of abandoned vehicles, waste matter, junk and debris at 4462 Hillcrest Drive.

Complaints have also been received on:

421 N. Maple Street - camper in yard
401 E Fairground - boats, campers, and trailers in yard
445 N. Maple Street (ongoing) car parked over sidewalk and damage to sidewalk
230 S. Buckeye using semi-trailer for storage
150 E. Beech, individual living in camper

Lynn will send letters informing them to come into compliance with Town and County Ordinances or a lawsuit may be filed.

2021 Community Crossing Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $18,600.96 for bidding or negotiating.

Majestic Electric - $25,870.00 Pay Estimate #1 for Osgood 2021 Street Lighting Project and

Lee Supply - $558.33 Anchor Bolts

Motion was made to approve and pay once funds are released. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Commonwealth Engineers - Jeremy Schmitt gave a monthly update: 1. Water Improvements Project - public hearing was held 4/20, proposal was submitted 4/29, applications are due 6/25, and awards will be announced 8/12. A site visit has been scheduled for June 2nd. 2. 2019 Community Crossing Project - regrading and reseeding several areas which did not grow after last year's project. This was done under project warranty. 3. 2021 Community Crossing Project - pre construction meeting was held on 4/20, the scheduled completion is 150 days, contractor has mobilized to site, and demolition has begun. 4. Culvert Project- contractor has completed resurfacing, several areas remain to be final graded and seeded. This work is weather dependent and the rain has prevented this so far. Anticipated to be complete is the next couple of weeks. Ripley Street was not paved because it intersects with the Community Crossing Project. 5. 2021/2022 Community Crossing - has met with Steve to review the proposed scope of the next project. Next round is expected to open on July 5, 2021 and will close 30 days later. Commonwealth is putting together a proposal for design, bidding, and construction. Proposed scope for next project open July 5, 2021.

Sewage Works Refunding Bonds: Amended and Restated Ordinance 2021-4 (can only do the 1997 and not 2011 bonds) Authorizes the current refunding by the Town of its Sewage Works Revenue Bonds of 1997; authorizing the issuance of sewage works refunding revenue bonds for such purpose; providing for the collection, segregation and distribution of the revenues for the sewage works; the safeguarding of the interests of the owners of the sewage works refunding revenue bonds authorized herein; other matters connected therewith, and repealing ordinances inconsistent herewith.

Motion to proceed under suspension of the rules. Norman 1st, Chris 2nd
3 - ayes

First reading of Ordinance 2021-4:

Motion to approve the 1st reading of Ordinance 2021-4. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Second reading of Ordinance 2021-4:

Motion to approve the 2nd reading of Ordinance 2021-4. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 - ayes

Ordinance 2021-4 has been duly passed.

Ordinance 2021-5: An Ordinance creating a non-reverting fund pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Motion to proceed under suspension of the rules. Holley 1st, Norman 2nd
3 - ayes

First reading of Ordinance 2021-5:

Motion to approve the 1st reading of Ordinance 2021-5. Chris 1st, Norman 2nd
3 - ayes

Second reading of Ordinance 2021-5:

Motion to approve the 2nd reading of Ordinance 2021-5. Norman 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Ordinance 2021-5 has been duly passed.

Karen Dickerson was present and stated that she has lived on Morris Street since 1980. The water problem has been ongoing; issues with drainage, ponding behind houses, ditches that don't drain, and water stands under houses. She has spoken to her neighbors and they all have the same problems. She has installed tile around the house because the water is causing damage to her home. Some neighbors have had to replace floors from moisture and found mold under the house. The Town has been over to look at it with an engineer. Council explained that they are aware of the problem and that we have gone after grant money to try to alleviate the issue with no avail. There was never any drainage put in when that road from the housing addition was built in the 80's and then given to the Town. The problem is where the drainage would have to run to connect to the Town's storm water system. Ms. Dickerson also inquired about a sidewalk, kids walk down the road to the bus stop and she's afraid someone will get hit. Street Superintendent also explained that all the culverts have deteriorated and are offset and that there is no storm water system over there to connect to, so there's no place for the water to drain. The Street Superintendent has requested Commonwealth Engineers to focus on that issue. Even if the culverts were fixed, there is still no place for water to go. They will look at it with a Community Crossing Project because the water has also damaged the road.

Police Department - Will Wallace gave his monthly statistical report.

Council member Chris Kuhn read a letter from Jac-Cen-Del commending Office Wallace and Officer Batchelor.

Gas Department - Steve Wilhoit gave Lynn a list of gas easements that are needed for gas taps. These gas taps will be worked on in June. As discussed in a previous meeting the small dump truck needs to be replaced. With the quotes received, Struckman Ford has the best deal with a knapheide bed. Quotes were received for diesel and gasoline, but Steve is afraid the gasoline will not perform like a diesel. The small dump truck is a valuable truck that is used between all three utilities. The maintenance bills are adding up, the last one was $6,000. He will look at a trade in or auction the old truck off.

Motion was made to proceed with the purchase. Chris 1st, Norman 2nd
3 - ayes

Street Department - Steve Wilhoit has met with Majestic Electric to look at electricity at the mini park. With the OBC and Iron Timbers activity at the mini park, there has to be some electricity there to assist their efforts. Our control panel by the Town Hall is full. Putting a control panel at the mini park for future use will generate a monthly electric bill for the Town, as well as an addition to insurance and maintenance. Reynolds Foundation will pay for the installation, if we incur the monthly bill and insurance.

Homeland Security has looked at the Railroad Apartments and has gone to Ripley County Plan Commission to get information. He stated building would need a change of use and he will be keeping an eye on it.

Street Superintendent - There has been an abundance of complaints from residents concerning ordinance violations: from semi-trailers being used for storage, grass clippings being blown onto roads and sidewalks, boats, campers, parking on sidewalks, to damaging sidewalks, and unlicensed vehicles. It's overwhelming with all the projects going on. Lynn's recommendation is to do a form similar to the county's and have people fill it out with their name and nature of complaint. Steve stated that this used to be on the website and he will contact the designer and have him put it back on.

Jerry Vollmer was present and wanted to thank the town council for what they have done in order for OBC to move forward with their projects. He's been listening to Steve's frustrations and stated that the Town has never had a town manager like Steve. When he brings something to council we need to figure out how to support him. Norman Kappes stated that they would never find anyone like Steve.

Claims were signed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Holley 1st, Norman 2nd
3 - ayes

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