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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Toby Church, Justin Batchelor, Will Wallace, David Bultman, Norman Kappes, Chrissy Patrick, Dale Comer, Donald Comer, Lynn Fledderman, and Tony Wood.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call - Holley Rose was not present.

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Old Business:

Water, Sewer, and Trash rate ordinances - Lynn has prepared ordinances for the 2% increase, but with the bids that have been received for Trash, that will be removed from those ordinances and put on its own.

Motion was made to table until after revisions are made. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Second reading of Ordinance 2019-3: An Ordinance Establishing Fund #454 - Sidewalk Maintenance Fund. The Town of Osgood establishes this fund in which cut permits for public way and restoration of public way may be deposited.

Motion for final adoption of Ordinance 2019-3. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Attorney, Lynn Fledderman, has prepared a Refuse Collection Contract for Rumpke. A provision was added: “In the Town’s sole discretion and in addition to any other penalties provided in this Contract or by law, should Contractor be in default of the terms of this Contract, the Town has the additional option to withhold subsequent payment due the Contractor in the amount of the Town’s actual damages or liquidated damages in the amount of $1,000for each pick-up day Contractor has been in default of this Contract.” We can already attempt to revoke their bond, but this would be a quicker action.

Motion was made to approve and sign Rumpke’s Contract. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Commonwealth Engineers, Toby Church was present to discuss contracts. Four contracts were presented: Community Crossing - additional scope of work and application for $45,000, Culvert Project- Construction, Design, and Inspection for $309,925, Ripley Storm Project - Design Fee of $15,000, and Water Loop Project - this contract is on hold until Lynn makes provisions.

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth’s Contracts for Community Crossing, Culvert Project, and Ripley Storm Project contingent upon approval from the Reynolds Foundation. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Community Crossing Grant Project is out for bid, the pre-bid meeting will Thursday, May 23rd at 11:00 A.M. Bids will be due June 11th.

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated they are waiting on the weather to dry up before they can get fertilizer out. He will be receiving a quote for the tank on the new truck. A sludge pump has been ordered and everything is in compliance.

Water Department - Tony Wood stated that they finished flushing hydrants today, so the whole system has been completed. He met with a chemical company to do jar testing. Brett Linville has obtained his DSM License.

Chrissy Patrick was present and told Council that she had concerns with Casey’s using the alley that runs behind her house. Her kids play basketball and they have a swimming pool in the back of her house and she is afraid they are going to get hit. She is asking if a guard rail, speed bumps, or a tall privacy fence can be installed. She also stated that she is concerned with the rain water runoff. She stated that her property and the 531 Buckeye holds water. She asked if the alley could be disconnected from being a complete “U”.

Tony Wood stated that Casey’s will drain to the front because they have already provided Stormwater structures.

Lynn Fledderman stated that we will look at that area.

Donald Comer was present. Stated that he lives on the corner of Maple/Cherry Streets and that he received a letter that he had to remove the gravel that he placed in the Town’s right-of-way for parking. Wanted to know if he could get an extension on the 14 days. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t place gravel there and didn’t realize that the Town owns the right-of-way. The Town has received several complaints that they are parking over the sidewalks, damaging it and that people cannot walk on the sidewalks. Lynn Fledderman requested the Council to table this until they could meet with the Street Superintendent to discuss it.

Motion was made to table Mr. Comer’s request. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Police Department - Will Wallace stated they had 149 calls and gave Council his monthly statistical report.

Fire Department - emailed monthly statistical report: 8 first response/EMS runs, 2 mutual aid, 1 motor vehicle accident, and 1 fire.

Motion was made to approve a $.50 an hour raise for Brett Linville obtaining his DSM License. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Claims signed

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

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