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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 6, 2017
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, David Bultman, Norman Kappes, Lynn Fledderman, Steve Wilhoit, Nick Buchanan, Tina Wallace, Bob Voegele, Bill Collins, Steve Fullenkamp, Eric Roush, and Christina DeWitt.

Roll Call - Holley Rose was not present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. David 1st, Norman 2nd

2 - ayes

Old Business:

Trailer at Fairview Village - Judge moved hearing to June 29th at 2:00 P.M.

223 N. Elm Street- has been properly served and will file a default judgement by end of week.

206 N. Elm Street - the Town can proceed two different ways: file lawsuit to bring into compliance or amend enforcement action of the unsafe building code.

Inter Community Medical - March 3rd, 2017 amended bylaws. Lynn will resend nominees to Farrel Monroe and reiterate the agreement that was made or proceed to file a lawsuit.

City of Lawrenceburg - letters have been exchanged between John Ertel and Del Weldon with no response. Lynn has set up a meeting and will set down with Del Weldon next week.

Presented Ordinance 2017-2 and did 1st reading, an Ordinance amending the Unsafe Building Ordinance. This amendment would allow the Town Council to appoint a designee or the Ripley County Building Inspector as the inspector for enforcement and it designates the Town Council as the “hearing authority” for the town.

Ripley County Zoning is proposing some changes concerning notifying adjoining property owners at their next meeting: A participating Town shall be given notice of any application involving property or a parcel within the corporate limits, by the applicant. The Clerk-Treasurer of a participating Town shall be considered a property owner solely for the purpose of receiving notice of any application related to property or a parcel within the corporate limits of a participating Town.

Waterworks Improvement Project -

Legal Service Agreement - Lynn has prepared a USDA form that needed modified to include verbiage required by USDA. A not to exceed limit, but will still get billed hourly at the normal rate.
Motion was made to approve the Legal Service Agreement. David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

Title Search - Lynn has completed the title search and it has been submitted.

A letter will be issued to Utility Service Company terminating the service contract that began in May of 1995 with Phoenix Tank Services. Due to the neglect and improper maintenance of the water towers. These issues were found when a 2nd inspection was completed.

Umbaugh and Associates (Waterworks Improvement Project) - Christina DeWitt was present and updated Council on the water rate analysis. All numbers are complete and final, without the bid numbers. We are looking at mid-June or 1st of July for bids. USDA is also requesting the Town to update water contracts. Interest rates have been locked in at 1.875%. Christina is recommending an additional 2% increase with current operations, and it was also discussed doing an annual increase of 1 ½% per year to offset the higher rate increases every 5 to 10 years.

Ice Miller has prepared the Bond Ordinance. Council will review this and it will be gone through at the next meeting.

Discussed Aramark purchasing Apparel Master and asked Lynn to review Lease Agreement.

F.A.R.M. Club - Bob Voegele, Bill Collins, and Steve Fullenkamp were present and discussed the upcoming Antique Machinery Show, June 22nd - June 24th at the Ripley County Fairgrounds. New this year will be flat drags by Jim Ponsler. There will be a parade on Saturday, June 24th. They also stated they had a swap meet earlier and it went over well, the next scheduled swap meet will be September 23rd. They also wanted to thank the Town for the use of the Community Center for their meetings.

Water Department - Nick Buchanan stated there are some water mains that will need to be addressed and he has received inquiries on Tanglewood Road of 2 houses wanting taps. They are in the process of flushing hydrants and have already rebuilt one due to a leak. Currently there are 6 or 7 hydrants that need replaced. Some also need valves installed so they can be isolated. They’ve had a photo cell go out and the stone wall at the pump house fell due to all the rain. They are working on these now.

Gas Department - Steve Wilhoit stated that USDI was in and they’ve replaced 6 of the 8 valves. The other 2 will be replaced in the fall. Steve has asked Lynn to review the Gas Ordinance on tap fees and is discussing a new procedure he would like to put in place. The addition to the shop is almost complete, the other departments have been helping get this done and he appreciates all they’ve done.

Street Department - Steve Wilhoit stated the Bricktoberfest is scheduled for September 23rd. Music on the Bricks will start June 13th and will be July 11th and August 8th as well. The electric has been repaired at the trees on the Brick Street. The new Sidewalk Project should be coming up for bid soon. He also asked Lynn to prepare a letter to the owner of the Firework Store to request his signage be moved due to it being in the State Right-of-Way and it will also interfere with the new Sidewalk Project. The Sign Project has been completed. Still wants to address speed limit throughout town and he was also notified by INDOT that the speed limit will be changing to 45mph from Manderley to County Road 300 N.

Police Department - Eric Roush gave Council his monthly statistical report. He wanted to thank the first responders, fire departments, Sheriff’s office, and State Police for the difficult calls they’ve had. He and Lisa have gone through the basement and there are old outdated electronics, duty equipment, car cameras, radar units, duty belts, and cuff cases. He asked Council if these items could be donated to the Career Center. Council stated to donate them.

Claims signed

Motion to adjourn meeting. David 1st, Norman 2nd

2 - ayes

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