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Town of Osgood Minutes

Town of Osgood
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Linda Krinop, DeDee Holliday, Norman Kappes, Tammy Wilhoit, Mary Ann Gay, Steve Wilhoit, Chuck Gill, Tony Wood, Eric Roush, Cathy May, and Shawn Negangard.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call- All present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd
3 – ayes

A Refuse Collection Contract was presented between the Town of Osgood and Rumpke of Ohio. Based on 677 household units, the contract will be from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 with twice a week pick up from April to October (that’s increasing one month of twice a week pick up) at the price of $69,460.20. Contractor will have the right to renew this contract under the same terms and prices for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Motion was made to approve Refuse Collection Contract. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd
3 – ayes

A meeting will be set up for the Osgood Redevelopment Commission to adopt a Resolution of the determination of need to capture tax increment revenues.

Violation Letters went out to 6 residences that are in violation of the Weed and Other Rank Vegetation Ordinance.

Gas Department – (a) Steve Wilhoit stated that they have wrapped up the Napoleon Gas Main Extension, which has added 15 new customers. The project came in at $57,180, which was under budget. They had lots of problems while trying to install the main. The only thing left to finish is some clean up and blacktop. (b)The gas meter at Best Metal Finishing has been replaced. (c)There are approximately 6 grease valves that will need to be replaced in Napoleon and 4 gas taps in Osgood that will need to be completed before year end.

Street Department – (a)Steve Wilhoit stated they have started spring cleaning. (b)The side by side cart will be auctioned off next month at the Council Meeting. Minimum price will start at $4,500. (c)Stormwater Project is going along good- no complaints and it’s ahead of schedule. Weather permitting, will start on concrete in couple of weeks. Steve Wilhoit asked Mary Ann Gay if she would check the statute and look into a possible new procedure for Weeds and Other Rank Vegetation.

Steve Wilhoit also wanted Council to be aware that there is erosion on the shoreline around the quarry. Losing the bank from the water and wind. Asked Council to consider grant funding or something for the bank rehabilitation (rip rap). Mitchell and Stark Construction has done some of the bank before.

Sewer Department – (a)Tony Wood stated the report was signed. (b)Everything is holding stable with Best Metal Finishing and the high chloride waste. (c)The sludge tanks are empty and fertilizer is out. The new sludge truck is working great. (d)A couple of sewer services have been completed. (e)A special “Thank You” to the Black Foundation and the Ripley County Community Foundation for grant funding to purchase a new locator.

Police Department – Eric Roush stated that his car is in the shop with fuel problems and will be back Thursday. He also gave a partial statistical report for the month: 4 accidents, 2 batteries, 1 theft, 2 driving while suspended, 1 public intoxication, 1 theft of utilities, 15 citations. (The rest of the report was in his car at the shop.)

Water Department – Chuck Gill stated the Spring Water Hydrant Flushing has been completed.

Fire Department – Shawn Negangard stated he is the new Fire Chief and gave a monthly statistical report: 15 first response runs, 4 auto accidents, and 1 fire. He also asked on the status of increasing the fire department roster to accommodate people who just want to do first response or people who just want to fight fires. Council asked if the roster was currently full. Shawn stated there are 2 open spots now. Council requested that he come back to them when needed.

Cathy May – wanted to thank the Street Department. She cut down a small tree and put on the curb and the Street Department picked it up. She also stated that she really enjoys the Osgood Trails and feels that it is an asset to our community. And as a side note wanted to let Council know that the Supreme Court ruled that our meetings can open with prayer.

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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