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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Dr. Welsh, Lynn Fledderman, Norman Kappes, Holley Rose, David Bultman, Will Wallace, Justin Batchelor, Tony Wood, and Amy Schebler.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call - all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. David 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

Old Business:

Unsafe building letter was sent to 245 N. Sycamore Street

West Ripley Street property will have closing on Thursday, March19th

Lynn will be talking to John Ertel concerning the amendment to the Ripley County Area Zoning Code.

Dr. Welsh was present and spoke to Council concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. He stated we need to wash our hands, cover our mouths, and don’t go to public gatherings. Symptoms are similar to the flu, but they do not have a vaccine yet. There are 30 cases in Indiana with 2 deaths. The main symptoms are a cough, fever, and respiratory issues. He is urging everyone to use common sense and stay home if you are ill or experiencing illness. Things are changing hour by hour and they are continuing to get updates from the State Department of Health. Most people who are getting it, are drinking plenty of fluids and taking ibuprofen or Tylenol. The deaths are due to other underlying problems. He is encouraging our utility workers to wash their clothing, wash hands frequently, and wear masks if needed.

2019 Community Crossings Street Improvements Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $3,066.48 for construction and commissioning

Motion to approve Commonwealth’s claim. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 - ayes

2019 Culvert Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $9,206.31 for final design and permitting fees.

Hughes Tree Service - $2,500 for clearing the right-of-way

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth’s and Hughes Tree Service claims. (Holley abstained from voting) David 1st, Norman 2nd
2 - ayes

The Town will be applying to the Office of Community and Rural Affairs for a grant to replace existing water utility infrastructure. At last month’s meeting, Council approved Commonwealth to proceed with the Preliminary Engineering Report to expedite the project. Commonwealth Engineers have prepared an Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services to prepare the Preliminary Engineering Report formatted specifically for submittal to and consideration by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth’s Agreement. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 - ayes

A public hearing will be held on April 7th at 7:00 and 7:30 at the Area Planning Commission office for a rezone from R-3 residential to General Business for 546 Wilson Street and a special exception to allow a family cemetery in R1 district for 1014 E. Beech Street.

Knights of Columbus would like to be at the stoplight on May 9th and American Legion Auxiliary would like to be at the stoplight on May 23rd.

Motion was made to approve Knights of Columbus and American Legion’s request. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 - ayes

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated that they have had pump issues, one has been repaired and another is on order. He is working on the pre-treatment report for Best Metal Finishing.

Water Department - Tony Wood stated that new employee, Paul Simon, is doing well. They have repaired a valve at the raw pump house, they’ve tore down the old cabin that was there, and they have been preparing for the OCRA Project. The OCRA Project deals with the replacement of a water main on the south side of town and piping at the water plant. Three grant applications are being turned in for a leak detection listening device. The Brennfloc usage is down by 18%, which is a $4,300 a month savings. Commonwealth Engineers will be helping with a usage audit and verification of water. He has also been in contact with IRWA and they will have people available to help if our utility personnel get sick.

Gas Department - Steve Wilhoit would like Lynn to look at the Boring Ordinance for clarification on installation of boxes, etc. in the Town’s right-of-way. He asked for clarification on the County’s zoning ordinance. Lynn will check on that also.

Police Department - Will Wallace stated they had 110 calls: 32 traffic stops, 5 town ordinance/civil processes, 18 agency/citizen assists, 8 accidents/emergency service assists, and 47 criminal. After last month’s meeting, live traps were set up on North Street for the stray cats. In total 5 cats were relocated and an opossum/2 birds were set free. They will be following suit with the other police agencies on non-essential calls.

Amy Schebler was present and asked about putting a rabbit hutch on her property. According to the Town’s ordinance, historically what is found in the wild is not allowed. The breed that she is wanting is from Belgium and would not normally survive in the wild. Her intent is to breed the rabbits and sell the babies. Lynn recommended that the council consider the intent behind the ordinance and to table it for now.

Motion was made to restrict public access to the Town Hall and Community Center due to the Coronavirus. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 - ayes

Claims signed.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. David 1st, Holley 2nd
3 - ayes

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