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Town of Osgood Minutes

Town of Osgood
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Shawn Negangard, Scott White, Mary Ann Gay, Linda Krinop, DeDee Holliday, Norman Kappes, John and Marilyn Bloom, Chuck Gill, Cathy May, Adam Hunger, Davis Hin, and Satolli Glassmeyer.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Mary Ann Gay began the auction for the 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660. Bids started at $4,500. John Bloom was the only bidder and purchased the Rhino for $4,500.

Johannigman Excavating Pay Estimate #1 was presented for the U.S. 421 N Project in the amount of $100,257.83 with retainage of $5,276.73.

Motion was made to approve Johannigman Excavating’s Pay Estimate #1. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Holton Water Corporation will be transitioning over to Hoosier Hills water between June 24th to June 27th. Holton Water Corporation purchases 27% of the water that Osgood sells. Cathy May asked what affect this will have on the Osgood customers. Linda Krinop stated that we do not have all the information to determine the effects yet, but it will more than likely cause an increase in rates.

Tri-Kappa would like to pay to have the piano tuned in the Community Center.

Motion was made to approve Tri-Kappa’s offer. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 – ayes

Retroactive to June 11th, The Town of Osgood agrees that Negangard Enterprises Inc. shall mow, clear, trim, cleanup and haul away debris, pursuant to Ordinances 2009-13 and 2008-4 from parcels within the town that violate these ordinances. The Town will record the necessary vegetation liens to collect the costs on behalf of the contractor.

Motion was made to approve the Mowing Agreement between the Town of Osgood and Negangard Enterprises Inc. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Gas Department – (a) Steve Wilhoit stated that we have done our 1st winter hedge at 15%. The lock in price will be between $4.60-$4.90. In 2009 they were $6.00. There will be no other hedges until the middle of fall and then they will do 45% to 50%. (b)The roof on the Gas Office was completed today. (c)Had a meeting with Badger Meter concerning handheld meter reading devices. The company that we are currently using, Datamatic, filed bankruptcy and will no longer work with the gas. If a couple pieces of equipment are bought the Datamatic remote reads will work with the Badger system. We will be getting prices.

Street Department – (a) Steve Wilhoit stated the U.S. 421 N project is ahead of schedule. There were some curb issues, but they will be addressed. (b)He had been contacted about some storm drain issues on Leslie and Morris Streets. On Morris Street, that subdivision was built by a private person and the road was given to the Town. The Town did not have any say in the drainage for those properties. A lot of the issues are on private property and there is not a lot the Town can do. Steve has contacted Al Stong with Commonwealth Engineers to come and look at the problems and was told there will be grant funding for up to $500,000 for next year that the Town could try to pursue. (c)The gas, water, and sewer departments would like to build a structure to hold sand and gravel. The cost would be $1,500. (d) UCB contacted Steve about the possibility of the Town using the Jetter to unclog the homeowner’s culvert behind their new building from construction.

Osgood Fire Department – Shawn Negangard gave Run Totals for the months of April and May.

April – 1st response runs – 12
Mutual Aid – 2
Fire – 2
Landing Zone – 1

May – Accidents- 1
1st response – 16
Mutual Aid - 2
Fire – 1
Landing Zone – 1

Satolli Glassmeyer with Scenic Road Rallies gave Council a thank you letter and brochure concerning his business.

Cathy May wanted to know when the rest of the pretty blue street signs were going up. Steve stated they will be working on it in the next couple of weeks.

Council will meet with Al Stong from Commonwealth on July 1st at 9:00 to discuss Storm water issues and Water Plant changes.

Retroactive to June 2, 2014, Motion was made to give Ed Schwering a 2% raise. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

2 – ayes, 1- nay

Motion was made to pay Shane Adams $11 per hour. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 - ayes

Claims signed.

Meeting adjourned

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