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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Tony Wood, Toby Church, Kyle Negangard, Norman Kappes, Holley Rose, David Bultman, Bert Mitchell, Mike Ramey, Dwight Manlief, Lynn Fledderman, David Fox, Justin Batchelor, and Will Wallace.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call - all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. David 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Old Business:

Chrissy Patrick was present at last month’s meeting with concerns of the use of the alley by the Casey’s General Store: Steve Wilhoit spoke with Jerry Bowers from The Ridge Group. Mr. Bowers presented the blue prints which shows a curb halfway down to defer people from going down the alley. There will be two entrances, one on Fairground Road and the other on Buckeye Street. Everything should be good once construction has been completed. The Ridge Group will also help with the repairs needed to the alley.

Introducing Ordinance 2019-4 for the first reading. An Ordinance increasing monthly solid waste collection disposal fee. The aggregate amount of the required fees must be sufficient to pay the cost of operation; in order to meet the statutory requirement to cover the cost of operation, the monthly rate must be increased to coordinate with Rumpke’s three (3) year contract. Public hearing will be advertised in the paper.

Motion to primarily adopt Ordinance 2019-4. Holley 1st, David 2nd

3 - ayes

Lynn has prepared a Refuse Contract for Rumpke, which was approved at last month’s meeting. Dean Ferrier contacted the Clerk-Treasurer about the paragraph that was added, she instructed him to contact his attorney. We have not received anything back. The paragraph that was added was to insure the Town could retain money instead of going after Rumpke’s bond. This provision is a common addition.

Commonwealth Engineers - Toby Church was present to discuss the Community Crossing Grant bids. The Town received $1.35 million in grant funding and the bids came in at $2.1 million. The project was over designed to make sure that all funds would be used. July 1st is the deadline to have this project under contract. The two bidders were: Johannigman Excavating at $2,115,515.55 (base bid + alternates) and Paul H. Rohe Company at $2,675,262.90 (base bid + alternates). Johannigman Excavating was the lowest responsible bidder and Commonwealth will be preparing contracts for Council signature. They hope to have them completed by tomorrow. Since the bids came in over, some of the alternates will have to be backed out. They feel that Ripley Street needs to be left in because of the Storm Line work that needs completed. It makes the most sense to do now. The Reynolds Foundation will coordinate with Johannigman to complete the Storm Line Project.

Motion was made for Norman Kappes to sign Johannigman’s contract contingent upon Town Attorney approval. Holley 1st, David 2nd

3 - ayes

Toby Church explained that with the next Community Crossing Grant cycle there will be no more sidewalks or storm water allowed. We want to do as much of the affected area as possible now while it’s allowed.

A letter was drafted for Iron Timbers to take to the Department of Homeland Security to support them receiving a variance on their new construction.

The Town has received two Reynolds Foundation Grants: $2,264.60 for the rental of tables, chairs and tents for Bricktoberfest and $3,500 for the annual tree maintenance.

Motion was made to approve and sign the Grant Award Agreements. Holley 1st, David 2nd

3 - ayes

Water Department has received three quotes to purchase a new 2019 F150 to replace the 2002 Ford:

Struckman Ford - $29,167.40
McCubbin Motors - $33,716.00
Don Meyer Ford - $31,001

Motion was made to approve the purchase of the truck through Struckman Ford for $28,167.40, which includes a $1,000 trade in for the 2002 truck. The new truck will be purchased with Riverboat Funds. David 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Water Department - Tony Wood thanked Council for the purchase of the new truck it was really needed. The Columbia water tower had been drained and inspected. The Water Plant tower will need paint touch ups. Commonwealth has been in contact with USDA and are in the process of scheduling a one year walk through (as required after project). They’ve been cleaning up clarifiers, concrete and testing hydrants for fire protection. They are doing volume and pressure tests. Tony stated that he has received grant funding to purchase an auto flush.

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated they have one truck broke down, another that has to be put together and the 1973 truck has brake issues. They have had some overflow and ammonia violations, but it’s all based on the amount of rain fall we’ve had. We need to step up preventative maintenance and improve on the inflow and infiltration problems. He noted that Fairview Village has the highest infrastructure problems and they are in violation of several State codes. He will be smoke testing when the weather dries up and will cite all the violations. It is very unhealthy and that a legal stand will be taken if necessary. He will file his report with the State and County Health Departments.

Police Department - Will Wallace stated that the Spillman System is down so he could not generate his monthly report, but he stated they did have 124 calls last month.

Street Department - Steve Wilhoit would like to set up a meeting with Mark and Donald Comer to discuss the parking issue at his home. He stated that Donald was told not to place the gravel in the Town’s right-of-way to use as a drive way, but he did any way. There is not enough spacing there that allows for parking, now the sidewalks are busted and will have to be replaced. They are blocking the sidewalks with their vehicles and we are receiving ADA complaints on our website, which have to be addressed. Council and Attorney agreed that a meeting will be set up.

Fire Department - Kyle Negangard gave Council the monthly statistical report: 12 first response, 1 false alarm, 1 motor vehicle accident, and 1 fire for a total of 15 runs. They received a Rising Sun Regional Foundation Grant to purchase rescue jacks. They have scheduled a training to teach the members how to use them properly.

Bert Mitchell, Mike Ramey, and Dwight Manlief were all present to file a complaint about a neighbor at 545 Glasgow and his dogs. All the feces from those dogs are running off into their yards. They can’t open windows or turn on air conditioning because of the smell. Mike stated they are pit bulls and that he has witnessed vicious attacks on other dogs. They stated that there are some locked in the garage and others in the yard, it’s getting out of hand. He has brought in two loads of dirt to try and stop the feces from coming onto his property. Holley Rose asked if he knew if they all had immunization records. He stated that none of them had tags. Lynn Fledderman stated that this has more than one area of violations, not only with the Town but also the Health Department. She requested Marshal Wallace to compile all the pictures, complaints, and to provide an investigation report.

Resolution 2019-1 for the Osgood Redevelopment Commission was presented: the determination of need to capture tax increment revenues.

Motion to approve Resolution 2019-1 of the Osgood Redevelopment Commission. Holley 1st, David 2nd

4 - ayes (includes vote from Secretary, Tamara Wilhoit)

Claims signed.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. David 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

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