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Town of Osgood Minutes

Town of Osgood
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Holley Rose, Norman Kappes, DeDee Holliday, John Ertel, Chuck Gill, Katherine Taul, Jerry & Suzanne Wiwi, Allan Bencker, J. Patrick Rose, and Al Stong.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call - all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. DeDee 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

A “Thank You” note was received and read aloud: To the members of the Osgood Town Council, the Town Marshall, and the Osgood Fire Department, thank you for assisting us with our 1st 5K walk/run. Your consideration was deeply appreciated! From the staff, directors, and animals waiting for perfect homes at the Ripley County Humane Shelter.

Contracts were presented for the South Buckeye Street Sidewalk and Lighting Project. Paul H. Rohe for Division A at $347,269 and Electric Plus, Inc. for Division B at $383,000. Notice to Proceed is being requested for July 31st.

Motion was made to approve Paul H. Rohe and Electric Plus, Inc. contracts and to sign the Notice to Proceed, all pending Reynolds Foundation review. Holley 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 - ayes

Al Stong with Commonwealth Engineers was asked by Council to review the operations of the water plant to see if any savings can be made. Al stated that he has met with the Clerk-Treasurer and Water Superintendent to review the chemical costs, electricity use, and labor. He feels that the labor costs can be cut but going from 3 shifts to a 2 shift operation, the electric bills seem to be right in line, and the chemical costs may be able to be cut in half. Jar testing will be performed and alternate scenarios will be created to see what will work best. The chemical Brennfloc is being used because our water is so clean that we have to feed floc back in to it. That chemical will be reassessed and an alternate approach will be looked at. The pumps will be looked at the make sure they are being operated at the most economical rate. Also, Clerk-Treasurer has forwarded Umbaugh and Associates all our current data for a rate analysis.

Katherine Taul was present to discuss the 2016 Bicentennial that will be coming through Osgood. The torch relay is scheduled for September 17, 2016, sometime in the afternoon. They will stop for a half hour in Osgood and she is asking if the Town will have some type of celebration during that time. 20 people will be selected from Ripley County to carry the torch. She gave Council a nominee form. The route has not been made final, but right now they will be coming through Versailles on U.S. 421 to Osgood, then to Napoleon, and on to Batesville. She stated there will be 5 stops made in Ripley County. A plaque of General Ripley will be at the Annex and Afghans of Ripley County. September 2nd will be the next meeting at the Osgood Grub.

Patrick Rose was present to discuss possible Public Assistance for Government from the Storm that came through on July 17th. He discussed holding workshops for emergency planning. After a long discussion, with the roads being clear, no one in shelters, and the Town helping to relieve residents of their burden, it would probably not be feasible to attempt to declare a disaster.

Osgood Redevelopment Commission provided the annual report for the year ending December 31, 2014. $0 received and $0 disbursed.

An Exit Interview and Release and Waiver of Contractual Rights and Obligations under Employment Agreement was prepared for Adam Hunger.

Motion was made to approve Release and Waiver. DeDee 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Pre-trial has been set up for July 23rd concerning the Inter-Community Medical Center. John Ertel will make a request to them for more information.

Indiana Department of Environmental Management has advised that we have complied with the terms of the Agreed Order concerning the Wastewater Plant.

Rumpke has renewed the contract for waste removal services through June 30, 2016 at the same price.

There are still problems with residents mowing their grass and blowing it out into the streets. Pictures were presented to Council showing where the grass is blocking the storm drains. This causes problems with the drainage, especially after the big rain we just had July 17th. Council is asking if John Ertel can add a section to the Weed Ordinance addressing this issue. Also, Holley Rose brought up a campaign “Don’t Blow It” that is being used in other cities and towns for the public to get information on why they shouldn’t blow there grass into the streets. John Ertel will research the campaign and look at making an amendment to the existing Ordinance.

Jerry Wiwi owns property at 130 N. Lynn Street, his manufactured home burnt in December of 2014, he is now requesting approval to install a 1987 Boanza back onto that lot. According to Ordinance 1999-4, which regulates Manufactured Housing) the home needed to be replaced within 90 days and that requirement was not met. His land is not a mobile home park and he did not apply to Council within 90 days. Attorney also stated that according to HUD requirements the manufactured home now needs to be 2003 or newer.

Utility Service Company was supposed to be present at this meeting, but did not show. The water tower at the plant is leaking and needs to be addressed. John Ertel will check on the maintenance contract. Al Stong recommended that another company come in to do a third party inspection to make sure the tower has been maintained properly over the years.

Motion was made to approve Dixon Engineering to do a third party inspection on the 200,000 gallon tank at a cost of $2,050. DeDee 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Quotes have been received for painting the Town Hall / Community Center:

Moore’s Wallcovering - $8,845

Cochran Painting - $7,200

Motion was made to approve Cochran Painting quote at $7,200. Holley 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 - ayes

Cheryl Richmond has been contacted about running our Ordinance violations through the Versailles Town Court. John Ertel will look in to closing the Osgood Violations Bureau and transferring to the Versailles Town Court. Other towns are already using the Versailles Town Court for this procedure.

Encore Insurance has been contacted about damage that occurred at the Town Hall, Gas/Street Office, Water Plant, and Wastewater Plant after the storm on July 17th. An adjuster was in today to look at the damage.

Water Department- Chuck Gill reported all was good.

Gas Department - Steve Wilhoit stated that they repaired a gas valve at Eckert/Buckeye Street and the Regulator Station by Jac-Cen-Del has been updated. This fall a 2 mile gas main extension will be placed down County Road 300 N, we are waiting on 2 easements, everyone else has signed and returned theirs.

Street Department - Steve Wilhoit stated they were hammered by the storm, we’ve had 2 subcontractors come in (Hughes Tree Service and Busch Landscaping) and help with the cleanup. Also, a chipper was rented from B & C Rental for 2 days. Also, we are close to closing the Street Sign Grant from the Reynolds Foundation. 11 new signs have been installed and 5 more to go.

Bricktober Fest - some of the town’s people are wanting to hold a festival on October 3, 2015 for barbeque and smokers on the Brick Street. They are planning on food, entertainment, Jeep and motorcycle cruise in. Steve Wilhoit is asking if the Town will help back the festival with and amount not to exceed $3,500 for the stage, tents, tables and chairs.

Motion was made to approve the amount not to exceed of $3,500 for Bricktober Fest. DeDee 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Katherine Taul stated the Farm Club is having their tractor and truck pulls the same day and maybe someone could have a trolley from the Fairgrounds to the Brick Street.

Council wanted to thank the Town Employees, County Personnel, and anyone who helped with the storm damage.

Alan Bencker with Safe Passage was present asking for funding. He has been going to all the communities that they serve and asking for funding.

This request will be tabled until the Clerk-Treasurer can look at funding.

Signed Claims

Meeting adjourned

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