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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Brenda Wetzler, Ed Newman, Cathy May, Jeff Volz, Linda Krinop, Norman Kappes, John Hegge, Steven Stepleton, Mary Ann Gay, Toni McDonald, Keri Johnson, Jeanine Ostendorf, Gayla Crowell, Terry Zinz and Tammy Wilhoit.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call – all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

A claim from Green 3 was presented in the amount of $3,664.60 for the Buckeye St. Parking Lot.

12% Concept Plan and Construction Documents

86.99% IXOYE Survey and Hydraulics

Motion was made to approve the claim to Green 3 in the amount of $3,664.60. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

A meeting will be held July 22nd at 5:30 PM to go over the plans for the Buckeye Street Parking Lot.

An agreement between the Town of Osgood and the Ripley County Park Board was presented. The Ripley County Park Board will assume ownership and liability for the water service line from the Town of Osgood’s water main, to and including the two-inch service line and water meter. The Town of Osgood will read the meter only once a year; however if the Park Board indicates to the Town that water usage is anticipated to be above the monthly minimum gallon usage, the Town will read the meter a second time. Either party upon giving six months written notice may terminate this agreement.

Motion was made to sign the agreement between the Town of Osgood and the Ripley County Park Board. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Ordinance 2008-10 was presented. This ordinance establishes a Four-Way Stop intersection at Tanglewood Road and County Road 300 North and authorizes the erection of stop signs. The Town of Osgood and the County will erect these signs.

Motion was made to approve Ordinance 2008-10. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

An Amended Ordinance 2008-5 was presented. An Ordinance establishing rates and charges for collection and disposal of solid wastes. The residents of the Town of Osgood shall pay a solid waste collection disposal fee of Five Dollars ($5) per month, per unit. Should it be necessary to collect said fee through the Ripley County court system, the attorney fees and costs of this action shall be borne by the resident. This charge will appear on the August 10th billing.

Motion was made to approve the Amended Ordinance 2008-5. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

A letter from a concerned citizen on Wilmer Street was read concerning a violator of the Town’s Junk Ordinance. A letter will be issued.

Terry Zinz was present with Safe Passage Inc. She gave a presentation and asked Council to consider giving them emergency funding or including them in our budget.

Motion was made to table this request until after further review. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

Ed Newman, Osgood’s Representative to the Ripley County Planning & Zoning Commission was present. He stated that Carl’s Automotive is seeking a variance for his property to allow impounded vehicles. There will be a meeting July 29th. Mr. Mulliken is currently not in compliance with the Planning & Zoning regulations.

Cathy May asked why Busch’s had not planted her trees yet. She stated that 4 months have gone by. Linda Krinop will contact Busch Landscaping to find out a time of when this will get done.

Brenda Wetzler, Osgood’s Representative to the Ripley County Economic Development Corporation introduced herself. She stated that things are going well.

Osgood Beautification Committee – Toni McDonald stated that the petunias in the flowerpots are being thrown out by individuals.

Osgood Merchants – Jeanine Ostendorf and Gayla Crowell were present asking if the Town would be interested in doing a Fall Festival again this year. They are looking at the first weekend in October. Council is in favor of the Merchants putting this on and we will see what funds are available to try and assist them as we did last year.

Keri Johnson thanked the Council and Police Department for their quick action in taking care of the speeding issue on Tanglewood Road.

Police Department – John Hegge requested permission to allow Steven Stepleton to do his internship with the Osgood Police Department as a Reserve Officer.

Motion was made to approve Steven Stepleton to complete his internship as a Reserve Police Officer with the Osgood Police Department. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

John Hegge also stated that there is an issue with people swimming at the quarries. An ordinance will be drawn up to cite violators for trespassing and not following the policies that have been posted. Mr. Hegge has also received a $1,000 grant from Wal-mart. He also asked Council for permission to participate in Operation Pull Over.

Motion was made to approve participation in Operation Pull Over. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Mr. Hegge will also contact a Police Supply Company about purchasing our old/unused equipment.

The second police car has an electrical issue. Mr. Volz wants the starter looked at and if that is not the problem, other measures will need to be taken.

Copies of the S.O.P.’s for the police department were given to the Council for their review.

Motion was made to hire Timothy Kreutzjans for the Gas/Street position, retroactive to July 7, 2008. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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