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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, David Bultman, Norman Kappes, Toby Church, Will Wallace, Justin Batchelor, Chris Smith, Rick Hooten, Holley Rose, Tony Wood, Lynn Fledderman, Kyle Negangard.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Old Business:

No updates to report on the two Mullikin properties. Lynn will look at enforcement under ordinance or action against the County.

Buckeye Street Sidewalk Project claims:

Johannigman Excavating Inc. Pay Estimate #5: $18,280.20 with retainage of $962.11.

Motion was made to approve Johannigman Excavating claim contingent upon Reynolds Foundation approval. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Commonwealth Engineers – Toby Church presented Council with an Amendment to Owner-Engineer Agreement to the Water Improvement Project. There was $5008.05 left over from the Land Surveying Services and he would like to apply those funds toward additional construction in case it’s needed there.

Motion to approve the Amendment to Owner-Engineer Agreement. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Toby Church also stated that the South Walnut Street Project is ready for bid. Advertisement will be for late February or early March.

Motion was made to approve and sign the Training Reimbursement Agreement with Justin Batchelor. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Sewer Department – Tony Wood stated that he has done an audit of his department and gave a report to the Council. Expenditures are down from 2016, electrical costs have been cut, chemical cost reduced, and labor costs reduced. They are in compliance, no parameter violations have occurred. Still looking for the permit draft in the mail which would call for less frequent testing and drop some metals off the limits. He is also looking at writing a grant to help Tammy obtain new chairs for the Community Center. He will be attending 4 scheduled trainings in January.

Police Department – Will Wallace gave Council his monthly statistical report with 59 calls. Justin Batchelor has completed his 40 hour pre-basic course and has Indiana arrest powers. Justin will be attending the Academy starting February 19th. Marshal Wallace will be attending the Indiana DEA Conference in February.

Fire Department – Kyle Negangard stated that the line officers have been appointed. They had 18 runs last month: 12 first response, 2 mutual aid, 2 fire, 1 c.o. detector, and 1 gas leak. He also gave Council a 2017 Runs Stats Report for the full year.

Chris Smith was present with Rick Hooten to discuss their concerns of the property located at 433 S. Buckeye Street. There is trash in the yard, last summer did not mow entire yard, old doors, glass, and cars left on the property with no one there. Lynn will mail a letter to WR Asset Trust (owners) to let them know of the Town’s Ordinances and the violations.

Claims signed

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