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Town of Osgood Minutes

Town of Osgood
Regular Meeting
January 8, 2009
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Gary Norman, Mary Ann Gay, Linda Krinop, DeDee Holliday, Jeff Volz and John Hegge.

Roll Call Norman Kappes was not present.

Mary Ann Gay gave Oaths of Office to Tamara Wilhoit for Clerk-Treasurer and Vickie (DeDee) Holliday for Council.

Motion was made for Linda Krinop to be President of the Town Council. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Motion was made to retain all the Superintendents in their current positions:

Steve Wilhoit Gas/Street Superintendent

Chuck Gill Water Superintendent

Tony Wood Wastewater Superintendent

John Hegge Town Marshall

DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Motion was made to appoint the Town Council as the Board of Finance. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Motion was made to appoint the Town Council as the Board of Public Works and Safety. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Fire Contracts and Resolutions were presented:

Resolution 2009-1: Contract for Fire Protection is provided by the Osgood Volunteer Fire Department.

Contract: The Osgood Volunteer Fire Department shall provide fire protection and firefighting services to the Town for the calendar year 2009. The Town will provide a budget of $29,500.

Resolution 2009-2: An agreement embodying provision of fire protection services to Center Township by the Osgood Volunteer Fire Department Inc., through the Town of Osgood to Center Township.

Contract: This contract by and between Center Township, Town of Osgood and the Osgood Volunteer Fire Department, shall furnish the residents of Center Township with fire protection, emergency medical transport and extrication services for a period of one year for the negotiated consideration of $23,000.

Motion was made to adopt Resolutions 2009-1 & 2 and Contracts. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Resolution 2009-3 and contract was presented. The Town has a need for cleaning services for the Osgood Town Hall and Community Center on a regular, weekly basis and for special cleaning services after special events held in the Community Center.

The Town of Osgood agrees to retain the services of Jeanne DeBurger for the sum of $125 per week.

Motion was made to approve Resolution 2009-3 and contract. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Resolution 2009-4 and contract was presented. The Town of Osgood has a need to employ an attorney to represent it in connection with its legal matters. Town of Osgood retains and employs Mary Ann Gay. A retainer fee in the amount of $4000 shall be paid in 4 equal installments. In addition the Town will pay $150 per hour for all other services.

Motion was made to approve Resolution 2009-4 and contract. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 ayes

Gary Norman with the Ripley County Economic Development was present. Discussed the Osgood Industrial Site. Mary Ann Gay will write a letter to the Ripley County Redevelopment Commission to set up a meeting with Council.

Jeff Volz requested an Executive Session be set up for Tuesday, January 20th at 6:00 PM for matters he would like to discuss with Council.

The Town of Osgood has established that the Regular Council Meetings will remain the same and be held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Ripley Publishing will be used for advertising.

Marshall Hegge is requesting permission from Council to purchase a computer program that helps track cases and a new computer that will coordinate with other community police departments such as Milan, Versailles, Batesville and Holton. Council will take under advisement. Marshall Hegge will also be attending a grant-writing course in mid-January.

Steve Wilhoit along with the Ripley County Highway Department has been researching a salt alternative called Brine. With the research that they have done it will benefit the Town and County Highway in many areas. The Town of Osgood along with Ripley County Superintendent and Commissioners will be 50/50 ownership of the system. This will allow other municipalities to have the capabilities of enhancing their road treatment capabilities. Mary Ann Gay will proceed with drawing up a contract and work with County Attorney, Neil Comer to finalize the contract. The system should be up and running by the first of February.

Motion was made to proceed with the Brine. DeDee 1st, Linda 2nd

2 - ayes

Meeting adjourned

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