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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 23, 2021
7:00 P.M.
(Regular meeting from February 16 was cancelled due to snow)

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Steve Wilhoit, Norman Kappes, Toby and Nancy Church, Tony Wood, Holley Rose, Chris Kuhn, and Lynn Fledderman.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 – ayes

Old Business:

TRECS is up and running.

At last month’s meeting Lynn was asked to look at transferring some real estate that the Town owns (223 N. Elm, 523 Leslie, and 531 Leslie) to the O.B.C. for redevelopment. Lynn stated that the law had changed slightly for transfers to include education, recreation, or agricultural purposes. The Town will need to have 2 Town employees do the appraisals. Council has delegated Steve Wilhoit and Tony Wood.

Ordinance 2021-2: An ordinance amending §94.02 establishing cut permits for public way and restoration of public way. Verbiage was added to include, “The installation of equipment in the right-of-way shall be subject to approval of, and as directed by, the Town of Osgood as to location of such utility equipment; further that if the Town of Osgood has a reasonable need to relocate said equipment in the future the owner of equipment agrees to said relocation at its own expense.”

Motion was made to approve Ordinance 2021-2 under suspension of the rules. Holley 1st, Norman 2nd
3 – ayes

1st reading of Ordinance 2021-2. Read aloud by Lynn Fledderman. Motion to approve. Norman 1st, Chris 2nd
3 – ayes

2nd reading of Ordinance 2021-2. Read aloud by Lynn Fledderman. Motion to approve. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 – ayes

Ordinance 2021-2 has been duly passed.

Steve Wilhoit is requesting Council to set up an Executive Session to discuss Economic Development ideas. Council will look at dates.

Doug Baldesarri with Baker Tilly has contacted the Town to proceed with the sewer bond refunding, rates are really low right now and we could potentially save $10,000 per year. He has emailed information and stated that it will probably be a negotiated sales where they would have to work with an underwriter to get the best rate. Information has been reviewed by Lynn Fledderman.

Motion was made to sign the Engagement Letter Agreement with Baker Tilly and the Agreement with Baird (managing underwriter). Norman 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

2019 Culvert Project claims:

Commonwealth Engineers - $9,406.73 for construction/commissioning, and RPR

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth’s claim. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Commonwealth Engineers Task Order for the Town of Osgood’s 2021 Community Crossing Project was presented. The Task Order would include Assemble bidding documents for Elm Street, Franklin Street, Jefferson Street, Cardinal Lane, Ripley Street, and Hunt Street. Also includes Bidding Services, Construction Engineering, and RPR Services.

Motion was made to approve the Task Order contingent upon Reynolds Foundation approval. Chris 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

A Farm Lease Contract was presented for the property the Town owns at the Industrial Park. The Lease will be with Hansen Family, LLC for the term beginning March 1, 2021 and ends no later than March 1, 2023.

Motion was made to approve the Hansen Family, LLC Farm Lease Contract. Holley 1st, Chris 2nd
3 – ayes

Due to the election of a new Council member, the Gas Department Public Awareness Plan will need to be updated with all the correct Council member signatures.

Water Department – Tony Wood stated that the CCR Report has been completed and he will begin working on the mailing process. They have had another water leak by the REMC on South Buckeye Street, which is the line that we are pursuing grant funding to replace. The Town will be resubmitting the OCRA Grant in April to try to seek funding for this project. He is also working on a Generator Project for the Town Hall that will be done in three parts: electrical, concrete pad, and generator.

Sewer Department – Tony Wood stated the ammonia violation letter has been completed, which is the response and plan to minimize this problem in the future. He has contacted Best Metal Finishing and requested that they notify the Town on any future process changes. They have had some extra expenditures this month with purchasing a backup pump and the SCADA System transfer. He feels that 2021 will be a better year.

Police Department – Will Wallace stated they had 131 calls for service.

Street Department – Steve Wilhoit stated that he will be meeting with Jeremy from Commonwealth Engineers this Friday to finalize the 2021 Community Crossing Project plans. We are currently obtaining easements and they will be starting the bidding soon. He also updated Council on the snow plow equipment. The equipment is 11 years old and the parts are getting harder to find. Before next winter, we will need to look at replacing 2 snow plows and a bed on the dump truck due to salt damage. Chris Kuhn asked if an aluminum bed would work better for the salt. Steve explained it would, but that truck is used for other jobs that include hauling concrete and stone.

Gas Department – Steve Wilhoit stated the leak survey will begin March 22nd. That will create the work load for the utility and determine what repairs will need to be made. He also asked that additional emergency operating procedures be added in the event of a gas loss or shortage, like what happened in Texas.

Claims signed.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting. Holley 1st, Norman 2nd
3 – ayes

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