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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Ed Newman, Steve Wilhoit, Gary Norman, Jeff Volz, Tony Wood, Tammy Wilhoit, Pat Zaharako, Grover and Karen Powers.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call – Linda Krinop and Mary Ann Gay were not present.

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Commonwealth Engineers – Pat Zaharako was present. Currently the total Water Project cost is at $974,169.70. We are $45,830.30 under budget. Pay Request #7 was presented for grading/seeding and close out. Pay Request #8 was presented for release of retainage. Council will wait for the final punch list to be completed before approving these pay requests. Change Order #4 was presented, which is a $3189.86 decrease to the project.

Motion was made to approve Change Order #4. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Pat also stated that he is working with Chuck Gill on the Stage 2 DBPR, which is due by April 1st. He will also put the mapping of the Water Project on CAD.

Commonwealth Claims were presented:

$2115.00 Bid / Construction
$7654.00 Inspection
These were from January’s meeting that was tabled.
$1470.00 Bid / Construction

Motion was made to approve these claims. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

A “Funding Agreement” between the Town of Osgood and Lifetime Resources was presented. $1000 had been approved from the 2008 Budget for Care Management, Home Delivered Meals, Nutrition/Activity Centers, Pre-Admission Screening, Nursing Home Ombudsman, and other special services to the benefit of senior citizens and disabled.

Jeff Volz signed the agreement.

Gary McCoy contacted the Clerk-Treasurer and is requesting permission for the Lions Club to be at the stoplight on May 3rd.

Motion was made to approve the Lions Club request. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Ginger Bradford is requesting permission to use a doorbell on the Town Hall for elections. Council approved her request.

Received a letter from the Jac-Cen-Del Elementary PTO requesting our support for the Spring Carnival / Raffle.

Motion was made to table this request until after further review. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Ripley County Chamber of Commerce is endorsing a New Full – Color Map and giving businesses the opportunity to advertise on it.

Motion was made to table until after further review. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Sewer Department – Tony Wood reported that they had an overflow due to the heavy rains we’ve had. They are continuing with Home Inspections and have found some problems.

Police Department – Grover Powers stated that he is in favor of the police department taking First Responder training. He believes it would be a benefit to our community. Council stated that they are reviewing this issue.

Ed Newman stated that he didn’t have anything from the planning commission.

Motion was made to renew the contract with Nortrax for scheduled maintenance and routine testing for the Backhoe. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Motion was made to approve the trade-in of one Exmark Mower for a new one at the cost of $3627.20. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Motion was made to approve the trade-in of the pressure washer and purchase a new one from Woods Tractor and Farm Supply for $4829.00. This will be split between all the departments. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Discussed the option of taking our old dump truck and turning it into a sludge truck and purchasing a new dump truck. We would just need the chassis for a dump truck and we could put the current bed on the new chassis. Steve and Tony have received 2 quotes and are looking to obtain another. Quotes have also been received to install a tank on the old dump truck for sludge hauling.

Motion was made to proceed with the lowest quote of 3 bids for the chassis. Gary 1st, Jeff 2nd

2 – ayes

Gary Norman announced that this would be his last meeting. Effective 02/20/08 he would be resigning from his Council position. He has taken a new position as the Executive Director of the Ripley County Economic Development.

Claims Signed

Meeting adjourned

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