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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Norman Kappes, Holley Rose, David Bultman, Lynn Fledderman, Tony Wood, Nick Buchanan, Will Wallace, Kyle Negangard, and Johnathan Hummer.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Holley 1st, David 2nd

3 – ayes

Old Business:

Tabled from previous months were Ordinance 2017-5, Ordinance 2017-6 and the Unsafe Building Job Description.

Ordinance 2017-5: Regulating the Animals Kept in the Town Osgood. This ordinance does not apply to any parcels of real estate within Town limits that are currently zoned Agricultural and does not apply to any animals kept for 4-H Projects.

Motion was made adopt Ordinance 2017-5. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Ordinance 2017-6: Regulating the Raising of Chickens in the Town Limits.

Motion was made to adopt Ordinance 2007-6. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Unsafe Building Job Description: Lynn will add that this will be on an “as needed basis” and as a part time employee of the Town.

Motion was made to approve the Unsafe Building Job Description. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Carl Mullikin – Lynn issued a letter to the Ripley County Board of Zoning Appeals requesting that they stop giving extensions. The Town is still receiving complaints on this property that it is in violation.

David Mullikin – Lynn issued a letter to the Ripley County Board of Zoning Appeals requesting to know when the deadline is for this property to come into compliance.

240 W. Wilson – the closing on this property is scheduled for December 22nd. Motion was made to have Norman Kappes sign the Warranty Deed. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Motion was made to authorize Tammy Wilhoit to sign the Settlement Statement at the closing, since Norman will be unavailable. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

S. Buckeye Street Sidewalk Project Claims:

Johannigman Excavating Inc. Pay Estimate #4: $276,703.73 with retainage of $14,563.36
Commonwealth Engineers - $2,640.75 for Construction/Commissioning

Motion was made to approve Johannigman Excavating and Commonwealth claims contingent upon Reynolds Foundation approval. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Commonwealth submitted a claim on the 2018 S. Walnut Street Project for the Preliminary Design at $20,160.

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth’s 2018 S. Walnut Project claim contingent upon Reynolds Foundation approval. David 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Water Project Claims:

H.J. Umbaugh & Associates - $35,000 for professional services rendered pursuant to an Engagement Letter dated August 16, 2016 in regard to Waterworks Revenue Bonds of 2017.

Lynn Fledderman, LLC - $6,220.25 services rendered for the USDA Bond.

Waller’s Meter, INC - $72,096.13 for Orion Water Meters.

Motion was made to approve the Water Project claims. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

2nd reading of Ordinance 2017-11 amending Ordinance 1996-4. Establishes rules, regulations and charges for use of the Community Center. It increases the hourly amount from $15 to $20 and daily amount from $35 to $50.

Motion was made to adopt Ordinance 2017-11. David 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Ordinance 2017-7 was presented: The Town owns and operates gas, water and sewer utilities and collects for third party contracted trash services. A number of utility accounts have become delinquent and, in spite of efforts by the Town to collect all past due amounts, they are seemingly uncollectible. It is deemed advisable and in keeping with sound accounting practices, to discontinue carrying certain delinquent accounts as current accounts receivable on the books of the Town’s utilities. The Town Council deems the listed accounts to be uncollectible and the Town’s Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to “write off” those accounts and balances as bad debts and remove them as receivable of its utilities.

Motion was made to waive the second reading and approve Resolution 2017-7. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Rescue 69 is having their annual fund raising drive and they are inquiring to see if the Town will donate.

Motion was made to donate $250, same as last year. Holley 1st, David 2nd
3 – ayes

Police and Fire Departments have received calls concerning fire pits. As long as residents are in compliance with Indiana Code concerning open burning versus contained burning, there should not be any issues.

Due to the holiday season, Rumpke will pick up trash on Friday, December 29th and Friday, January 5th. After those dates it will resume back to the regular Thursday pick up.

Motion was made to hire Justin Batchelor as the Deputy Marshal for the Town of Osgood. David 1st, Holley 2nd
3 – ayes

Organizational meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 8th at 5:00 P.M.

Fire Department – Kyle Negangard state they had 14 runs: 10 first response, 1 fire, 1 motor vehicle accident and 2 stand by. Last Saturday they did not have enough manpower to collect funds at the stoplight so they would like to do it this Saturday, December 23rd. Monday night, Santa was at the firehouse and they had 107 children or 50 families. Each child received a gift and they had several drawings. They are currently being Santa’s Helpers and buying 7 families (19 children) Christmas gifts. They have found that there are more and more families who are in need. December 11th, elections were held. The following are the officers:

Kyle Negangard, Chief
Alex Brison, President
Chris Hankins, Vice President
Larry Black, Treasurer
Lindsey Brinson, Secretary
Jason Hooton, Director
Brett Linville, Director

Sewer Department – Tony Wood stated we are in good compliance. Waiting on the IDEM draft permit and he believes everything but copper levels will be able to be negotiated.

Water Department – Nick Buchanan stated they were still working with line locates and GPS. They’ve cleaned the clarifiers, had the Water Project pre-construction meeting, and the weather will probably delay the start until spring of next year. Thank you to Rising Sun for a grant in the amount of $6900 to purchase a brush cutter attachment for the bobcat track loader. McAllister has been contacted and they have one in stock.

Police Department – Will Wallace gave a copy of his monthly statistical report (63 calls). He wanted to thank Council for their support and patience during the hiring process. He also wanted to thank the Ripley County Sherriff’s Department and the Versailles Police Department for their assistance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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