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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Norman Kappes, DeDee Holliday, Holley Rose, John Ertel, Toby Church, Arlene Knudson, Alex Brison, Shawn Negangard, Eric Roush, Christina DeWitt, Scott, Donald Dunbar, Chuck Gill, Tony Wood, and Mark Scott.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call - All present.

Meeting began by opening the Public Meeting for questions concerning the application for the proposed Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project as required by USDA.

Commonwealth Engineer’s, Toby Church, read the newspaper ad aloud.

Asked if Council had any questions, Council had none.

Asked if anyone from the public had question, no one responded.

With no questions asked, Motion was made to close this portion of the public meeting pertaining to the USDA application process. Holley 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 - ayes

Motion was made to approve pay Estimate #1 to Johannigman Excavating in the amount of $20,748.89, with $1,092.05 to retainage for the S. Buckeye Street Sidewalk & Lighting Project. DeDee 1st, Holley 2nd

3 - ayes

Umbaugh and Associates, Christina DeWitt, was present and gave Council the Water Utility Rate Analysis. After receiving all the numbers from Commonwealth on the proposed project, they have an actual estimate on what they feel the Town should do now. The loss of Holton Water has a dramatic factor of why the rates needed looked at. Christina went over the analysis with Council and gave an Interim rate increase with 4 alternatives, based on if Rural Development’s interest rates change prior to getting this all locked in. The monthly bill now for 4,000 gallons of water is $23.04, with the interim rate increase it would be $28.12. The 4 alternatives would assume the Water Utility would receive 1.625% up to 2.25% interest rate on the proposed RD Bonds, which would include an additional 1% to 5% rate increase. The chemical costs have been reduced and the plan is to still eliminate the 3rd shift at the water plant after IDEM approval. Christina also gave Council an Agreement for the Bond Issue and preparing the report.

Ripley County Economic Development Corporation is requesting approval for the 2017 Inter-Local Agreement, once again they are requesting 12% of the EDIT contribution for 2017.

Motion was made to approve Ripley County Economic Development Corporation’s request. Holley 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 - ayes

Old business:

What is status of the trailer at Fairview Village? John Ertel will check on this.

What is the status of 223 N. Elm and 206 N. Elm? John Ertel has researched and an appropriate notice will need to be prepared.

What is the status of the Inter Community Medical Center Nominees? John will forward another email to their attorney to see if they have had a meeting yet.

Recommendation for dealing with issues of people parking on wrong side of the street? Eric Roush feels that a notice should be placed in the paper, put on website, and other social media to get the word out hoping that it can self-correct, prior to tickets being issued.

Update on 415 Wilmer: the yard has been mowed, vegetation trimmed, and property cleaned up. Certification of Costs have been filed with the courthouse.

Update: The Ripley County Planning Commission has reviewed Steve Wilhoit’s request for Utility signatures and 811 locate ticket numbers prior to issuing any building permits, it was approved to add the 811 located number to the Improvement Location permit application. They felt the 811 locate ticket number was sufficient for the application.

Water Department - Chuck Gill had nothing to report.

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated the reports have been filed and the compliance is good. All schedules are up to date and the pretreatment sampling is coming up. The Sewer main has been completed on W. Eckert, they are now working on the blacktopping. There are 2 castings on the highway and some other small jobs they are working on. They are also working on the I & I renewal. Tony wanted to report that the electric bill is $1,145 less than last year. He also has a commitment from Brenntag to freeze the pricing for chemicals for 2017. The septic hauling revenue is down due to other places that have opened up. Requested the Council’s approval to apply for a grant for an AED through the Ripley County Community Foundation for the Town Hall. Norman Kappes stated that he has council’s blessings.

Mark Scott was present and wanted to discuss some drainage issues. He has lived behind the Jay C store for the last 25 years. He stated there is a swale behind the Jay C, with all the duck grounders we’ve received that swale is filling up and everything is backing up. The drainage stops at John Owens’s and leaves a 20ft shot to the ditch. It’s never been connected. The trailer that John Owens owns gets water up on skirting, if that water was diverted it wouldn’t hit the trailer. He was wanting to know if the Town would go on John Owens property and connect the 20ft section. John Ertel stated there are several factors that would need to be looked in to.

Donald Dunbar was present and inquired about the Town purchasing a bison for the State celebration. Felt he may be a day late and a dollar short. Out of the 92 counties in Indiana, Ripley County was one of 5 counties who has not done this. Holley asked if he had checked with the County Council, he stated the Commissioners were going to check in to it.

Police Department - Eric Roush gave Council a copy of his monthly statistics. He also stated he has spoken with the owner of the camper that is parked on the street and they are trying to get it moved. A copy of a trespass order was given to the attorney for his review. This trespass order will help the police department keep track of individuals who cannot enter back onto certain property. A domestic issue was started at the trails, the individual was told to leave and not come back. John Ertel agrees with the notification of the trespass order.

Fire Department - Shawn Negangard gave the monthly statistics: 15 runs - 1fire, 8 EMS, 1 down power line, 2 auto accidents, 2 mutual aide, and 1 false alarm. He wanted to bring up again that they have a 29 year old truck in house and an 18 year old truck as a first out truck. According to NFPA recommendations, after 20 years they should be taken out of service. The Town has purchased pumpers in the past, but the costs have sky rocketed. Currently the minimum amount to purchase a new truck would be $450,000. Parts are getting obsolete for the older trucks. Norman stated that he doesn’t know what the answer is and that he is aware that Versailles is in the same position we are. Toby with Commonwealth Engineers stated he would get with Wayne Bailey of their organization to see what grant funding is available.

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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