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Town of Osgood Minutes

Town of Osgood
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Shawn Negangard, Al Stong, Eric Roush, Steve Wilhoit, Tammy Wilhoit, Norman Kappes, DeDee Holliday, Linda Krinop, Mary Ann Gay, Virgil Ruggles, Chuck Gill, Adam Hunger, John Wagner, Steve & David Narwold, Thomas Voss, and Alan Welch.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call – all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 – ayes

Mary Ann Gay started the auction for the 2008 ExMark Triton Mower. Shawn Negangard with Negangard Enterprises was the highest bidder at $6,000.

Water Project claims were presented:

Lykins Contracting - $45,787.15 pay estimate #2 with retainage of $2,409.85
Commonwealth Engineers - $14,221.90 Construction / RPR / Post Construction
Commonwealth is also requesting an additional $7,900 for services or modifications on Additional bidding and construction engineering services.

Motion was made to approve claims and additional services. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Sewer Project claims were presented:

Mitchell & Stark - $186,760.50 pay estimate #6 with retainage of $9,829.50
Commonwealth Engineers - $22,072.08 Construction / RPR / O & M Manual
Change Order #6 – increase of $1,587 for additional baffle wall supports.

Motion was made to approve claims and change order #6. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 – ayes

Stormwater Project – OCRA will be here tomorrow to do a close out with Jodi Comer and Tammy Wilhoit.

Sewer Department – Tony Wood said the project was going good. The report is ready to sign and 75% of the fertilizer has been hauled out. The remainder of the fertilizer should be done in a couple of weeks. They will then let septic haulers back in. Jac-Cen-Del has contacted him in regards to a student who wants to job shadow. The student is looking at a career in Environmental Management.

Motion was made to allow the Jac-Cen-Del student to job shadow. DeDee 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Water Department – Chuck Gill said that the Water Project is good; they will be touching up paint on the north clarifier. Also, Mitchell and Stark will be putting in a valve Friday.

Street Department – Steve Wilhoit stated the Trails Project has started. He has 2,500 feet ready for blacktop. They will start another 1,800 feet next week. Dave O’Mara was the lowest price on blacktop. Street sweeping will begin first of May.

Gas Department – Steve Wilhoit stated the leak survey is done. There was one leak. He will be attending a UGM winter hedging meeting this Thursday and Friday. 45% of the hedges are locked in to 2015. Due to the very mild winter, there is a 40% decrease in gas sales. IURC will be coming in for inspection on the Distribution System and the Operator Qualification Manual. He will also be attending a mandatory IURC meeting concerning the DIMP Program next week. Also, Commonwealth has updated the gas maps.

Police Department – Eric Roush stated that Adam has successfully completed the Academy. He gave his monthly report: 2 traffic accidents, 3 thefts, 1 missing juvenile, 1 battery, 3 assists, 2 drug arrests, 2 domestics, 1 phone harassment, and 15 warnings.

Motion was made to give $1,000 yearly increase to Deputy Marshal. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 – ayes

Motion was made to allow Clerk-Treasurer to switch some of the checking accounts to Napoleon State Bank. Norman 1st, DeDee 2nd

3 – ayes

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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