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Town of Osgood Minutes

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
7:00 P.M.

Present at the meeting were Cathy May, Austin Wagner, Dennis Wagner, Donn Snedaker, Nichole Drockelman, Justice Thoman, Travis Drockelman, Delbert Felix, Ben Eadler, Mike Stratton, Helen Einhaus, George Hagan, Chris Lemen, Larry Hoague, John Hazen, Glenn Bowman, Robert Frye, Doug Thayer, Norman Kappes, Linda Krinop, Jeff Volz, Tammy Wilhoit, Mary Ann Gay, Tony Wood, Steve Wilhoit and Grover Powers.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call – all present

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Resolution 2008-6 was presented for Hazen Paper. The Resolution is to waive the deadlines to file certain forms for their tax abatements. John Hazen and his management team gave a presentation on how Osgood was chosen to be the home of their business. He stated there were over 20 locations that they had to choose from. He told about the first meeting he and his team had with the Town of Osgood’s Council and Supervisors and how welcomed they felt. And through all the other locations that they went, Osgood kept coming back in John’s mind. He said that Osgood is the cross roads of America. He also commented on how Osgood fulfilled every commitment that they had promised. He stated that they closed on the property March 10, 2006 and was up and running in January of 2007. The new plant was such a great success at that time that they had to bring in another shutter machine. Their commitment to Osgood was to employ 22 people with 20% of those living in Osgood. They currently have 34 employees with 1/3 of those living in Osgood. Jeff Volz thanked Mr. Hazen and told him that we were very happy that they decided to locate here.

Motion was made to adopt Resolution 2008-6. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Motion was made to approve $25 checks to the Jac-Cen-Del students who were chosen for the “If I Were Mayor” essays. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

Three students from Jac-Cen-Del stood up and read their essays. Those students were Christine Lewis, Justice Thoman and Austin Wagner.

The Town received a Variance and Special Exception Application for Verizon Wireless to permit a wireless communication facility with a self-supporting tower, 250 feet in height with equipment shelter and provisions to accommodate additional users. The proposed tower would provide a setback from the east property line of approximately 238 feet and a setback from the north property line of approximately 80 feet. The site is located on property owned by Thayer Farms at 1930 W. County Road 300 N. The Ripley County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on April 29, 2008 at 7:00 PM in the meeting room in the Ripley County Courthouse Annex, Versailles. Mr. Thayer is requesting a letter from the Town.

Motion was made to table writing a letter of recommendation until after the Council has spoken to the other adjoining property owners. If those property owners do not have an issue, then a letter can be written. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Motion was made to approve a claim to Commonwealth for $535 for the 7th partial payment on Bidding/Construction/Engineering Phase. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

A bill was presented from Farm Bureau Insurance. They had water damage due to a faulty meter.

Motion was paid to reimburse Farm Bureau Insurance for the clean up for $350. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Mike Stratton and Helen Einhaus from the Historical Society were present requesting permission to install 7 historical markers in town. Mike Stratton had received permission from all the homeowners to install these signs and wanted to make sure there were no issues with the Town.

Motion was made to approve the Historical Society’s request. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Delbert Felix was present requesting permission to install an antenna on the water tower. Stated they would be using some electricity. He stated that he started a new Hamm radio club and his current antennae needs to be moved.

Motion was made to table this request until after further discussion. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3- ayes

Cathy May stated that she supports the Verizon tower.

Fire Department – Chris Lemen reported that the physicals have been done and they are in compliance with the State.

Police Department – Grover found a child’s wallet at the fairgrounds and anyone who can identify the contents he will return it to them.

Street Department – Steve Wilhoit stated that there have been some issues with garbage in town. There is rental property in town that should receive a letter requesting the homeowner to either purchase a dumpster or enclosed containers for his renters. In addition, due to the decrease in the Town’s general fund the Town should consider a monthly charge be added to the utility bills for garbage collection. The Town of Osgood is one of the only towns not currently collecting fees for garbage. He will research other options for garbage collection.

Sewer Department – Tony Wood reported that IDEM has put new limitations on his permit. He is requesting permission from Council to purchase a composite sampler to help with the long-term data collection due to these limitations. The composite sampler costs around $4,000.

Motion was made to purchase the composite sampler. Norman 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

Green 3 had a drawing of the proposal for the new parking lot. Council reviewed these drawings.

Motion was made approve Green 3’s proposal for the parking lot. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Motion was made to approve $5000 from Riverboat Funds to continue with cleaning up the north and south quarries. Linda 1st, Norman 2nd

3 – ayes

Council discussed the Ripley County Economic Development appointment.

Police Department applications were reviewed.

Clerk-Treasurer received 3 proposals for banking.

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned

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