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Meth Watch

To Report Suspicious Behavior - Call Meth Free Indiana Hotline, 1-877-855-Meth (6384), or contact your local law enforcement agency at 689-5555

Methamphetamine "Meth" is a dangerously powerful, addictive man made stimulant that is produced in clandestine laboratories, "Clan Labs" using common household products.

While meth is trafficked in from Mexico and the southwest United States, local production of this drug is a rapidly growing trend and is taking place in neighborhoods and communities across Indiana. Meth threatens governmental services, the environment, communities and most importantly, Indiana families.

The Indiana Meth Watch Program is designed to educate citizens and retailers about the effects of meth. To empower the communities to stop this drug from destroying our state.

If you've noticed theft or unusual purchases of products used to make meth, or are suspicious of activities in your neighborhood or workplace. You may be unwittingly contributing to the meth problem in Indiana. Participation in Meth Watch will increase your knowledge about meth and help learn what to do if you suspect a problem. This will assist in decreasing illegal drug activity in your neighborhood and community.

The Office of the Governor, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Law Enforcement, and various state and local partners encourage retailers and citizens to take part in this important initiative.


The number of clan labs and dumpsites found each year continues to grow. The manufacturing of meth is extremely dangerous due to the volatility of the many ingredients used and toxic waste left behind. Labs can explode without warning and exposure to the chemicals can cause a myriad of problems, including burning, respiratory damage, skin irritation, and a variety of behavioral problems.


Children who live in, or visit, a home where meth is manufactured or used face acute health and safety risks including injury or death from fire or explosions, poisoning or intoxication, acute long-term health problems. Children whose parents or caregivers use meth are at greater risk for physical, emotional sexual abuse or medical neglect. Children living in residences where meth is made are typically exposed to hazardous and unclean conditions. Weapons are often found at meth lab sites, creating an additional safety risk for children.


Each pound of meth manufactured creates five to six pounds of toxic waste. The cost for cleaning up one meth lab can run into the thousands of dollars. The manufacturing process contaminates carpet, appliances, furniture, clothing, drywall, insulation, plumbing and the building itself. Making it potentially toxic to the next resident or guest if not thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. The remnants of a meth lab can be reactivated - releasing toxic fumes or exploding if the storage container is shaken or disturbed. This creates a risk to anyone who might stumble across an abandoned lab or dumpsite.

Meth Ingredients and Equipment

Signs and Symptoms - Psychological Effects

Suspicious Behavior in Your Neighborhood or Community

In Retail Establishments

What You Can Do to Assist Meth Watch in Indiana

For more information, visit

To Report Suspicious Behavior - Call Meth Free Indiana Hotline, 1-877-855-Meth (6384), or contact your local law enforcement agency at 689-5555

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