TUESDAY, August 21 , 2007
7:00 P

Present at the meeting were Tammy Wilhoit, Jeff Volz, Linda Krinop, Gary Norman, Mary Ann Gay, Jim Wagner, Pat Zaharako, Ed Newman, Kyle Negangard, Steve Wilhoit, Will & Adrienne Vincent, Tony Wood, Donald Dunbar, Cathy May, Rodney & Jackie Stepleton, Grover Powers & Barbara Dilk. 

Pledge of Allegiance 

Roll call – all present 

Motion was made to waive the reading and adopt the pre-read minutes.  Gary 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes 

Opened the Public Hearing on the 2008 Budget.  Jeff asked if anyone had questions.  Cathy May asked what the total for the General Fund and MVH was.  Clerk-Treasurer stated $403,435 for General and $79,200 for MVH.   

Hearing was closed. 

Commonwealth Engineers – Pat Zaharako was present with Pay Estimate #1 from Johannigman Excavating in the amount of $177,723.26.  Payment to the contractor would be $168,837.10 and the amount held in retainage would be $8,886.16.  Also, Change Order #1 was presented for $4,234.87.  This consisted of stream crossing casing pipe and swivel hydrant tee/valve.   

Motion was made to approve Pay Estimate #1 / Escrow Payment #1 to Johannigman Excavating in the amount of $177,723.26 and Change Order #1.  Linda 1st, Gary 2nd

3 – ayes 

Commonwealth Claims were presented:

            Bidding/Construction/Engineering Phase #2&3 - $3,330.00

            Inspection Phase #1&2 - $3,220.00

Motion was made to approve Commonwealth claims.  Linda 1st, Gary 2nd

3 – ayes

Motion was made to adopt Ordinance 2007-3 (Annexation).  Linda 1st, Gary 2nd

3 – ayes

Ripley County Park wanted to know if the Town would settle for a flat fee for the water that had been sold from our fire hydrant.  Council stated this has been going on for approximately 5 years and $200 a year should be sufficient.

Motion was made to agree upon the flat fee of $1,000 for the Park Board to pay the Town of Osgood for water usage.  Linda 1st, Gary 2nd

3 – ayes

Ed Newman requested the Town issue a letter to Tad Brinson requesting the Town to be informed of any remodels, fences, new structures, swimming pools etc that would be going up in Osgood.  Council would like all superintendents to locate utility lines to make sure any structure is not being built over top the lines.  Superintendents would sign off stating if the utilities were ok.

Sewer Department – Tony Wood stated that he had received a 4-year audit from IDEM.  He has drafted a response and compliance plan.  The Sewer Extension on Shook Street will begin on Monday.  The land application permit has been approved and is in effect.  They now have an additional 80 –90 acres for land application.  The new diffusers are in and as funds permit they will attempt to do another 3 diffusers.  Currently they are working on getting fertilizer out.

Gas Department – Steve Wilhoit stated that USDI would be in next month to do some repairs in Napoleon and 2 gas taps in Osgood.  He would like to see if Dan Gunter could do some work around the south quarry.  He would like to see about a path and some finishing work that would cost around $2,000.

Motion was made to approve the $2,000 from Riverboat to work on the south quarry.  Gary 1st, Linda 2nd

3 – ayes

Street Department – Steve Wilhoit stated that after they assist with the sewer extension on Shook Street they would begin working on some storm water issues. 

Will Vincent asked if the Town would create a budget for a tourism board.  Linda Krinop told him that there is a Ripley County Tourism Board in Versailles.  She told him to speak with Katherine Taul.

Donald Dunbar asked about where the Town stood on the ATV’s, golf carts, lawn mowers and etc.  Barbara Dilk was also present stating that she had obtained insurance for her golf cart.  Cathy May stated that the County does not have an ordinance concerning this matter.  Council stated that they have heard several different issues on this matter and asked if Mary Ann Gay would research it thoroughly, so a decision could be made. 

Donald Dunbar stated now that we are having garbage picked up on the main streets, people are leaving their garbage cans in the front of their houses from week to week.  He says it is unattractive. 

Will Vincent asked about sending a letter to the business owners not to park in front of their businesses, leave that available to customers.  Council stated that the area he is referring to is a State highway and we cannot control the parking.  Linda suggested he speak to the Merchants Association.

Claims signed

Meeting adjourned.                                                                                 

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